About Us

About Penticton United Church

What makes us who we are…

For over 85 years, Penticton United Church has faithfully served the people of Penticton and surrounding area.  Known for its outstanding music, outreach into the community, and warm welcome to all who enter its doors, Penticton United Church is proud to call the corner of Main Street and Eckhardt Avenue home.  Some call us “Big Blue” for our distinctive blue colour, but that is all that is blue about us!  We are a joy-filled community that values worship with strong music and God’s delight offered through scripture and preaching.

“Big Blue”

Our fellowship time following worship is filled with chatter as we share the news of the week and express our joys and concerns with one another.  throughout the week we gather for study, fellowship, outreach, and support to one another.  We value the times we share food and fellowship, all the while growing in faith.

A warm welcome to Joanne Scofield as she begins ministry at Penticton United on Jaunary 5, Epiphany Sunday.

Worship Time – Sunday’s at 10:00 AM

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