Community Refugee Sponsorship

Please consider helping a Penticton nurse raise funds to bring a refugee family to Canada.

I am a Penticton nurse who has spent my career working with marginalized populations both in Canada and overseas. I met Luke and Nyalah at a refugee camp in South Sudan while working as a nurse with Doctors Without Borders. Their story touched my heart.

Luke and Nyalah were born in Sudan in the mid-1990s. Sudan is wracked with intertribal conflict, violence, and poverty. Human trafficking and sexual violence are not uncommon. Today, Luke, Nyalah, and their daughters live precarious lives.

In partnership with the Diocese of Kootenay Anglican Church of Canada, 9 others and I created a non-profit organization called Dthora Madong Penticton (“A Forever Place” in the language of South Sudan) to sponsor this family to relocate to Penticton. Funds will support travel, food, medical needs, and housing for their first year. A goal of $45,000 has been set; as of June 2021, we have raised $22 130 with the promise of matching donations for the next $10 000 raised.

To find out more: please visit our GoFundMe page to see pictures of Luke and his family and read more of their story. It can be found at:

Other donation options: cheques can be made out to “St. Saviour’s Church”, with “Refugee Account” in the memo line. The mailing address is St. Saviour’s Church, 150 Orchard Ave., Penticton, B.C. V2A 1X8. For e-transfer, the email address is If you would like a receipt for income tax purposes please include your full name, address and phone number.

For more information, please contact Sara Goddard, Chair, at 236-853-9483.

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