Yarn Bombing

This week a group of knitters “yarn bombed” two trees in front of the Penticton United Church.

Yarn bombing means to wrap a tree with knitted or crocheted squares that are sewn together. You may notice also many different embellishments that have been lovingly made and sewn on including hearts, flowers, doves, happy faces and butterflies to name a few. If you look really closely you’ll may also see a little dog embellishment.

Penticton United Church’s Prayer Shawl Knitting Group help to coordinate the project. Many thanks to all of the knitters who contributed squares and add-ons and who came out to sew them together. We did it to spread beauty and joy in the community and have some fun too! Please stop by and have a look!

Thanks to the Penticton Art Gallery and Seniors Wellness who started the “yarning bombing” project. To see the “yarn bomb” tree at the Japanese Gardens click here.

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