Message from Rev. Blair Odney, President, Pacific Mountain Regional Council

Dear Friends,

As if COVID19 has not been enough to bring us to our knees, calling us to the best of ourselves, we now watch our neighbours and friends to the south live into the reality of political insurrection, prompted to violence by human brokenness and need.  And it could get worse. We have no control over any of what happens in the United States; we do have control over how we experience it.  And I invite us all into the experience of prayer.  I invite us all to hold all those in our world suffering under the abuse of political power with loving tenderness. 

And please, do not be afraid.  When we act in fear, we give ourselves over to the perils of humanity’s worst behaviour.  Our only response is love.  Our only response is to invoke God’s agency in a manner consistent with our faith. 

There are only two feelings, Love and Fear
There are only two languages, Love and Fear
There are only two activities, Love and Fear
There are only two motives, two procedures,
two frameworks, two results. 
Love and Fear.
Love and Fear

We hold the choice in our hands and we are empowered by the Spirit that transforms.  
May love be your response.  May love be your words.  May love be your silence.  May love hold your boundaries.  May love ignite your joy.

In Christ,

Rev. S. Blair Odney

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