“Serving on Palm Sunday” – March 20, 2016

“Serving on Palm Sunday”

Palm Sunday – Year C – March 20, 2016

We have shouted hosanna while waving tree branches.  We have joined the parade, feeling the excitement and awe of this blessed season.  We have heard the timeless story of Jesus and his disciples coming to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.    Oh – what an amazing season this is! 

However, we know the rest of the story.  Even though we strongly believe the profession of faith described in Philippians 2 and read by Cindy, we find ourselves puzzled by Christ’s life story.  We just don’t get humility and meekness.  It is so easy for us to assume that it means weakness and passivity.  Perhaps non-resistance comes to mind.  In our very self-centred culture, none of these attributes are very appealing.

How might you and I be actively involved in the events of this Holy Week when we hear the call to humility, awe and praise?  Like Christ, we are to follow the path that serves others.  And so we open our hearts to hear the cry of the hungry on our streets and we donate food.  As we feast on the bread and wine of communion, we think of the hungry in our community who today will be eating a simple meal of soup and sandwiches at the soupateria at 11:30 am.  This week, our church has given out 15 bags of food and helped one person with medication.

We serve others as we parade towards the garden of Gethsemane and faithfully phone, visit, and send cards to those who are ill or hurting.  We follow the way of Christ as we show tenderness and compassion to our brothers and sisters of God’s delight.

We serve others as we focus on the empty cross of resurrection hope.  That service takes the form of championing justice as we welcome the young people from Pen High as they gather in our stair wells and on our emergency exits.  Stopping to talk with these interesting young people helps them to feel comfortable on our property and helps us to learn about their dreams and desires.

We serve others as we wave the banner of inclusion.  All are welcomed at our table of acceptance.  The bread and wine of new life is for the able-bodied and the disabled, the young and the not so young, the regular church attender and the first time visitor.   

So, I ask, will you join the parade and come to the table where Jesus is host?  Will you eat the simple food of bread and wine?  Will you eat bread remembering that Jesus is Lord?  Will you dip the bread in the grape juice and profess that Jesus Is Lord? 

We are part of the procession of long ago.  It begins in Jerusalem and continues to Penticton.  It changes all of our lives.  We have heard the ancient profession of faith.  It reminds us that Christ humbly and meekly served, so that you and I might live abundantly.  May Palm Sunday 2016 forever transform you.  Glory be!  Amen.

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